Going With The Flow

The Sullivan and Jackson POLE classes finished their year with an exciting day on the Lower Adams River. Students spent the day whitewater rafting, hiking, and enjoying each other’s company.  They learned about local flora and fauna, and got to observe deer, eagles, ravens and fish in their natural environment.  Students learned about the importance of the river and its salmon to the Secwepemc people, and that this year it’s expected that over 4 million salmon will make the run up the river.  Our lead guide, Clif, from Adams River Rafting Company, taught us a little bit about the river’s glacial fed headwaters flowing out of the Monashees near Blue River.   He also showed us pictographs, and explained the historical importance of the river.  Everyone learned about traditional salmon harvests, pithouse living, travel, and trade in the region.  And on top of all that they roared down the river smiling, laughing, and hollering together.  What a great day of outdoor learning!