Graduation Numeracy Assessment

Beginning this school year, the Graduation Numeracy Assessment is a requirement of graduating with a BC Dogwood Diploma.

We will be visiting classes in the next week to remind students of this requirement and to go over what to expect.

See the links below for some additional information about the assessment:

Numeracy sample assessment: The sample will give students and teachers a chance to try a version of the assessment so they may familiarize themselves with the new model.

Numeracy scoring rubric and student exemplars: Students can learn how in-depth questions will be evaluated and review real examples of student responses.

Numeracy design specifications: These describe the final specifications for the Graduation Numeracy Assessment and how numeracy will be measured.

Calculator policy

*Please note – Individual students may see a difference between classroom marks and provincial assessment proficiency scores as they are different measures of performance. Classroom assessments measure performance on all curricular outcomes in a course, whereas provincial assessments evaluate performance on the application of cross-curricular understandings in numeracy and literacy. Additionally, some students perform better on classroom measures while others do better on provincial assessments.