Experience UBC 2020

The SAS Careers Department will be taking 45 students to the “Experience UBC 2020” tour in Kelowna, BC on Thursday, February 20, 2020. The school bus departs at 7:45am and returns at 2pm. 

ALL interested students are to get a permission form and further information from the Career Center.

Students will have the opportunity to choose and explore TWO university faculties to explore by learning from professors, connecting with current students, touring the campus, and getting a feel for life and learning at UBC!

Students Register Online


  1. Students use a valid email address to access registration. Personalized schedule will be sent to each student via email closer to the event, so it is imperative the email is valid and is checked often.
  2. Students have until Monday, December 23rd to register for a guaranteed spot.
  3. Should students experience technical difficulties with registration, please contact Susana Baez susana.baez@ubc.ca