SAS Dry-Grad 50/50 Fundraiser

The SAS PAC is fundraising for our 2023 Dry-Grad Celebration with an online 50/50 raffle draw! (

This annual celebration is organized, operated, and supervised by parent volunteers and supported by our school and business community.  Our annual Dry-Grad Budget is over $18,000, and our Dry Grad Committee is tasked with fundraising at least $10,000 for this event. 

50% of the SAS Dry-Grad 50/50 raffle funds will go to a winner and the other 50% will go towards our 2023 Dry Grad event.  

The draw will be made on the evening of our 2023 Dry-Grad Celebration at 9:00pm on Wednesday, June 28th.  

Please forward this email to your family and friends and let’s make this a successful fundraiser for our grads 😊

Thank you. 

Teena Billey        Kari Wilkinson                   Chris Schielke                                  Rob Cadden

PAC Chair            Dry-Grad Chair                  Grad Teacher-Sponsor                  Principal