End of Semester Schedule

The End of Semester schedule for SAS-Sullivan takes place from Monday, January 20 until Friday, January 24.

Please note – if your child has been registered to write the Provincial Numeracy Exam, it will take place during the morning of Monday, January 20 (9:15am).

Semester Two begins on Tuesday, January 28 (block order CD/AB).

SAS Homecoming Basketball Tournament Schedule!

Saturday, December 21

  • 1pm – Men’s Game Golds vs. Mids
  • 3pm – Men’s Game Recents vs. Old
  • 5pm – Women’s Game Jewels vs. Olds
  • 7pm – Men’s Game Golds vs. Olds

Sunday, December 22

  • 10am – Men’s Game Mids vs. Old
  • 12pm – Women’s Game Jewels vs. Recents
  • 2pm – Men’s Game Golds vs. Recents
  • 4pm – Men’s Game Mid vs. Recents