COVID-19 Updates

We will be updating our website on a regular basis to answer many of the more common questions we are receiving from students and families.

Teaching Staff Directory

To access contact information for teachers, please click the link below:

Locker Contents

For those students who still need to pick up their personal belongings from their lockers (including gym lockers), please contact the school during regular school hours (9:15 – 3:30pm) to schedule a time: (250) 832-2188

Continuity of Learning

A reminder that School District 83 has laid out the plans for all staff, students and families for the first three weeks after Spring Break.

Week One (March 30 – April 3): “Reconnect Week

  • Reconnect, communicate with and reassure families and students.
  • Gather information and data to be used by the school and district for planning purposes.
  • Begin to organize a few learning opportunities for the following week.

Week Two (April 6 – 10): “First Steps Week”

  • Connect with students in all of your classes and review previous concepts learned.
  • Explore a variety of ways to share home learning opportunities with students and families (i.e. online platforms, emails groups, video links, paper learning packages, etc.)
  • Intend to have 1-2 hours of learning activities organized per course, in total – for entire week.

Week Three (April 13 – 17): “Educational Opportunities”

  • Regularly check-in with students in each your classes and begin to share more in-depth home learning opportunities.
  • The goal is NOT to replicate regular classroom learning; rather, focus on providing a variety of creative learning opportunities.
  • Intend to have ~ 3 hours of learning activities organized per course, in total – for entire week.

Supporting essential services

Part of the government’s direction to school districts during this challenging time is to provide some support for the children of Tier 1 essential service workers who have no other child care options. This has caused some confusion with parents as many are on the essential services list, but not necessarily in the Tier 1 group. Hopefully the following information will help provide clarity.
Click on this link for more details.

Local Scholarships

Good morning graduates and parents,

This is formal notice that the Local Scholarship application process is now open and the links are live on the SAS website:

You have three school weeks from today to complete your application. The competition closes on Friday, April 24 at 3:30 p.m. Please read the instructions very carefully. We would have preferred to host our Scholarship Seminars in the library as usual, but given our current situation, the written instructions have become even more important. Mr. Van Bergeyk can provide some technical support for you if you do have questions or encounter difficulty.

Remember, this is a competition, so do put your best foot forward. Spelling and punctuation count. Also, please keep in mind that many scholarships are in memory of a notable person and your thoughtful submission should be respectful of their memory. The Shuswap community is a very generous supporter of your graduation class and this is your time to shine!

Good luck with your applications and again, we miss you!

Mr. Van and Mrs. Witt

Calling all families

teacher calling

We just wanted to let parents know that with the unprecedented number of phone calls teachers are making to students and parents, many of these calls will not be coming from our school phone number.

Some of the calls may show up as No Caller ID.

Some will show up on your call display as (236) 600-9089.

Please answer as it will be a teacher attempting to contact you. Thanks!

If you missed Monday’s letter to parents explaining about the phone calls please click here.